As you may or may not know, Seattle is currently covered under “a lot” of snow.

The reason I put “a lot” in quotes is because realistically the amount of snow we’ve gotten isn’t a lot.  In fact, it’s very little compared what would regularly get dumped on us back in New York… but for this city it is A LOT.  For two days now practically the entire city has been shut down.  I’ve seen buses abandoned in the middle of the road, cars that have slid into buildings, and more people falling on their asses due to the ice then I can count on both of my hands.  It’s sort of sad how unprepared the city is for events like this.  I haven’t seen a single plow at all since it all started and a lot of roads are closed because they’re just too damn icy to drive on.

The Oatmeal did a great piece on the storm.  I’m on the right.

My good friends Amy and Eileen were in the news!  NYers don’t give shit about no snow!

I saw this on my walk home from work OUTSIDE of a hotel (on the sidewalk).  Really?
It’s slippery and wet in the middle of a god damn snow storm?  You don’t say!