Let me tell you about my favorite spicy sauce: Arrabbiata.  I stumbled across arrabbiata one day as I was doing some grocery shopping at my local Wegmans back in New York.  It was featured in one of the monthly issues of their magazine and I decided I wanted to try it.  Boy am I glad I did.

Typically I am not a fan of pre-prepared sauces that sit in jars on shelves for months, but this was an exception.  The sauce was prepared locally by the store and kept in a refrigerated section in a little plastic container.  I bought it then immediately went home and made dinner.  It was delicious.

For some reason it never occurred to me to try to make a homemade version of the sauce.  It was always available at my grocery store and was relatively inexpensive so I always purchased it from them.  Well, since there are no Wegmans on the West Coast I can’t just buy it in the store anymore.  I must make my own!

Sorry for the low quality cell phone shot but I am usually far too lazy to take out my fancy camera, take a photo, and then upload it to the computer.  This is the recipe I used to make this great sauce.  I did not used canned tomatoes, but I’m sure they’d work fine in a punch.  I also wilted lots of spinach (it cooks down so much!) and added it on top at the end to add another layer of flavor.

Since I enjoy spicy food I added a bit more red pepper flakes then the recipe calls for.  If you like things a bit less spicy use less of the red pepper flakes.  That’s the beauty of cooking, you can tailor each recipe to your preference!  The sauce came out wonderfully and I’ve made it a few times in the past couple of weeks to try and improve on it but I still think the original I linked to is the best.

Side note: Thank you to those of you who have subscribed to my blog and liked my posts.  I honestly thought it’d be months before I’d get even one person to read my poorly written ramblings.  Your support is much appreciated!