Oh dear, it’s been a few days since I’ve updated the blog!  It’s been a very busy week for me with going on a nice 3rd date with Anthony and helping out my sick bestest friend Colleen and catching up on a bunch of TV!  The DVR has been cleared out, Colleen is feeling better and the date went well so I’m back!

Let me tell you about the most magical thing that has ever come out of an oven: The PieCaken.

Last Sunday I went over to Colleen’s pad to help her make this magical beast.  In the end, I didn’t really help at all but it was fun keeping her company.  What is a PieCaken you may ask?  Well… it’s a pie inside of a cake!  We made a double decker PieCaken though… so a pie inside of a cake on top of a pie inside of another cake!

One layer was a spiced chocolate cake with an apple pie on the inside.  The other layer was a lemon cake with a blueberry pie inside.  Then, a coconut frosting was spread alllll over and the cake was decorated accordingly.  Let me tell you… this thing was DELICIOUS!

As the knife entered the PieCaken for the first time to divide up the slices a large gush of blueberry and apple juice oozed out of the crack.  It was both beautiful and a bit terrifying.  You may be curious as to what the inside of the PieCaken looked like:

Well it looked like a god damn mess!  The most delicious god damn mess you ever did lay your eyes on.  The flavors in both of the layers blended very well together.  After eating my slice of PieCaken I couldn’t stay at the party very long.  My blood sugar spiked super high and I knew I would crash shortly after.  I decided to go home, take a little nap and then cook a red sauce recipe I had been dying to make for a few weeks.  The sauce turned out delicious… but that’s another blog post for another time.